March 26, 2023

Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms e.g Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn and other numerous social media platforms to promote goods and services. That sounds funny right? Well, that is the new normal and experts in the industry are cashing out on daily basis. Digital marketing have come to stay because of its acceptability, flexibility and less stressful features. Businesses are looking to new technologies to meet their unique business requirements and position themselves to take advantage of global changes in business activities. Business both large and small need information to succeed in today’s rapid changing environment, they need to be able to process data and use information effectively when conducting  their day to day operations. The growth of the internet has opened up a vast arena, providing more opportunities for businesses, particularly small to medium sized enterprise to sell their products and services to a global audience thean they would have been able to afford to reach using the traditional method.

The big question is , how is digital marketing helping small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria? The use of digital media to promote goods and services have  caved a niche in marketing operations  and ease of doing business in Nigeria. Its benefits cannot be overemphasized. Just to mention but few.

Digital marketing is helping and giving business brands in Nigeria it visibility both locally and internationally. People from outside the shores of Nigeria can easily purchase goods and other digital products they desire with less stress and time consumption with click of their tablets or laptop right inside their comfort zone.

Another masterstroke in digital marketing is its convienance. Making sales online before the Advent of digital platforms takes  a rigorous processes, but with the incorporation of digital technologies in marketing it has reduced drastically.  Clients and marketers carry out transactions  hitch free via digital platforms.

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