November 28, 2022

One thing you need know about LEADERSHIP. Ladership is functional. 

In our dispensation, See Srength, stage presence, or proficiency in long-term planning These characteristics do exist in some leaders, but they do not define a leader.

Leadership is the management of a group of workers to achieve a goal.

An effective leader is someone who can get his team working together to achieve predetermined objectives.

A strong leader can accomplish this every day of the year in a variety of circumstances.

He is not permitted to exercise authority or the threat of using force in his dealings.

He may not be very highly liked, and his followers may not always obey his commands out of love or adoration for him.

He might never be a flamboyant character, and he might never employ catchy techniques to highlight the goals of his group or draw attention to his leadership. He might not have much talent or influence when it comes to defining goals, and as a leader, he might only execute other people’s plans.

His singular accomplishment is a human and social one that results from his comprehension of his coworkers and how their individual ambitions relate to the group goal that he must accomplish.

Many individuals have trouble defining leadership, especially when trying to distinguish it from management.

There are official and informal forms of leadership. Oftentimes, when we consider a “leader,” We frequently refer to someone who is acknowledged as having a formal leadership role by others or in their job title. However, it is also possible to be a leader as a result of your actions or due to the situation you find yourself in.

The distinction between management and leadership is another challenge that many people face. The use of vision by leaders versus planning by management is one difference. Lead and become.

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