November 28, 2022

As a Nigerian youth , we all know that it is compulsory to undergo a One-year youth service program after graduation from any tertiary institution . Therefore, in this article, I will be giving you tips on how to survive the 3-weeks NYSC Orientation camp.

After graduation from any tertiary institution, every graduate is expected to register and undergo the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) Program which is a one-year program designed for youths to offer selfless service to their motherland which is Nigeria before they will be eligible to work in the country.

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Here are some useful tips you might want to know while preparing to go to camp.

  1. Clothes: While in camp, you will mostly be on your white t-shirt and shorts so bringing any other clothes will just be useless and an extra load for you. Therefore, it is important that you do not bring any other clothes as you won’t have the opportunity to wear them in camp even on Sundays for most camps.
  2. Money: It is advisable to have a lot of cash at hand because there are no ATMs and using POS to withdraw cash can be quite expensive while in camp. Furthermore, having enough money on you will make camp life sweeter and more enjoyable as there are a lot of stuffs that can be bought at Maami market.
  3. Food: The food that is being served in some camp can be quite distasteful. It would do you a lot of good if you have provisions that you can eat when hungry and it will also help save you from spending so much money at Maami market.
  4. Sleep: Going to bed early in camp is very vital so as to wake up early enough be able to prepare for morning parade which starts by 4am in most camps all over the Country. If you’re not able to wake up early enough to prepare for camp, you might have problems with the soldiers who come to wake up corps members in their hostels or you might go for parade half-dressed or worse, with a dirty body.
  5. Power-bank: Owning a power-bank in Nigeria alone not to talk of in camp is very necessary because it would save one the heart-ache of a dead battery.. In NYSC camp, there would be limited opportunity to charge your mobile phones as there are no electric sockets in the hostels and mobile phones can only be charged in shops in Maami market. Having a power-bank (especially if you’re an iphone user like me) would help you a lot because you wouldn’t have to pay to charge your phones every time.

Going for the 3-weeks NYSC orientation exercise could be quite fun and enjoyable if you’re well informed before-hand and you know how to manage yourself properly.

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