November 28, 2022
How you take care of your body matters. Personal Hygiene is pertinent to a persons health. Grooming, regular baths, washing of hands can be very effective in avoiding health related issues.

A phrase we all learned whilst growing up was, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. Albeit cleanliness and hygiene go hand in hand. Hygiene is a pertinent part of a person’s life and being hygienic is a habit that preserves health with continuous practice. Here are some ways to cultivate or maintain a good personal hygiene.

Shower regularly: Taking a bath at least once a day is one of the major ways to combat odours and help shed dead skin. Sweat alone has no smell, but when bacteria (usually on the skin itself) mixes with the salt and fat contained in the sweat, it can produce some bad smell. Every person has a peculiar scent when they sweat and some have no smell at all but it is crucial to bathe and wash those areas likely to sweat more like armpits, neck and genital area.

Grooming: Many folks forget to clean inside and around their ears, trim or cut their fingernails and toenails, shave (a lot of opinions on this one) and properly take care of their hair. The funny part is they think it is hidden and unnoticeable. Let me break the ice, it is not! Wax stuck in the ears for many months or even years could clog it up and may cause difficulty in proper hearing. Fingernails should be clean to avoid germ buildup. Brushing your teeth day and night should be a lifelong commitment as well.

Use Deodorants: A man once told me that body sprays and deodorants are for the devil. How come? Jesus’ own two feet were washed and scented with an expensive oil, pure nard. So there is no reason to smell like fufu. Depending on your pocket, a roll on, body spray and/or perfume enhances your smell and attractiveness, if you don’t have a lot, just a good roll on would do.

Wash hands frequently: Our hands come in contact with things and surfaces that carry harmful microorganisms all the time. These germs can easily be transferred from our hands into our bodies and this could be life threatening. Whether it be money, a handshake, your own sneeze or after using the rest room, wash your hands thoroughly or use a sanitizer; this leaves my hands sticky so I opt for regular soap and flowing water.

Drink water: You might wonder what water has to do with hygiene, but it has everything. Water is a holy grail when it comes to refreshing your breath when it gets stale from not talking for a while. Water also helps to dilute the compound urea in the urine thereby lessening the concentrated smell. Asides these, water keeps you hydrated which improves mood, thought process and overall workflow. Sounds like a win win situation.

Throw away the idea that having a good personal hygiene is a woman thing to do. It cuts across gender, age and profession. It is healthy to be hygienic and to avoid health issues like cholera, chronic diarrhea, head/body lice, trachoma, dental caries and a host of other diseases.

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