June 4, 2023
Dance is an infectious spirit. It beckons to all, far and wide to let go and be wild for if we were not supposed to dance, why is there so much music?

Dance is an ancient practice that cuts across generations, race and tribes from different continents. The movement of the body in tune with different beats and music provokes nothing but a sense of expression, freedom and fulfillment. Dance has been around for as long as the world is and this isn’t going to change. The art of dance has been an effective way of communicating either in the way the dancers move or with the music itself. It could be slow or fast, be sad, merry or hold such strong emotions that could be felt even by onlookers.

There exists countless forms of dance around the world, some more popular than others and I am sure Google itself knows not all. But from waltz to jazz, contemporary dance to pantomime, here is what happens when you allow music move your body.

It is good exercise: Dancing is a good form of cardio so if you are looking to cut down on some weight but detest the treadmill, just sign up for a dance class. Your strength improves just as your heart and lungs gets healthier. It also gives you great body balance and agility.

It connects you deeply to your femininity: I always advice women to dance a bit more as it opens up the hips, lower back and thighs. Because of iron and calcium loss during menstruation, women are prone to getting stiff or sore around these areas. Even with supplements, it is advisable that women take up dancing.

A form of stress relieve: I personally have the best sleep whenever I sweat it out dancing. It helps improve blood circulation and decreases blood pressure, so it is a great way to relieve stress and improve better, longer sleep.

Improves flexibility: Dancing stretches out the muscles thereby improving flexibility. Muscles become more defined and toned. This is really helpful for people who suffer from or are prone to bone/joint related issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. In fact, most pregnant women are adviced to dance to induce/improve labour and delivery.

Confidence and sex appeal: Since dancers are flexible and strong, it shows on the outside. Dancing makes you move with an easiness and fluidity that captures the attention of people. Why do you think women who aren’t afraid to dance are more likely to be noticed or approached and men who are good dancers are hot cakes for women? Don’t say I did not tell you.

Creates a sense of Oneness: Dance brings people together. It is mostly enjoyed in company. Dance groups make space for social interaction and inclusivity. I dare say that dance could build an unbreakable bond between tribes and cultures and as social beings, the unity in dance could be very vital in feeling like a part of something invaluable.

So let this be your sign to finally decide to step on the dance floor in public or in your room because if we were not supposed to dance, why is there so much music?

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