November 28, 2022

Do you often feel stressed out on a day-to-day basis? Do you think your job/career can take over almost every hour of your day, even after work hours? Have visits to your doctor increased due to poor health conditions and you have probably forgotten the last time you had a proper night’s sleep? Are you getting easily irritable? These signs and more are indicators that you need to work on your work-life balance.

Work-life balance is an essential part of self-care necessary to manage your time so you can show up as your optimal self. It can be described as the balance between the time you dedicate to work projects and the time you dedicate to spending personally, such as personal hobbies, and time spent with family and friends. So how can you maintain a work-life balance so you can show up as your best self? Here are 5 key ways to do so.

1. Take breaks often

It doesn’t have to be a huge break. You can take 15-30 minute small breaks during work, especially if you are working from home. According to physiology, your body begins to decline into fatigue after focusing for 90 minutes straight, so take that break so you don’t break.

2. Set boundaries

Learn to delegate some tasks at work for a more flexible work schedule. Say “no” to things that are not of utmost priority and always state when you will be available for work. And remember, try to unplug from all things work after you are done for the day.

3. Have a planned schedule

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in work and forget to call someone you have been meaning to. Having a schedule should not only be for work but for family and friends as well.

4. Take good care of your health

You can only show up on days when you are healthy. Have enough sleep, make sure you exercise, meditate more, eat healthy foods, and reward yourself with a treat often.

5. You do not have to be perfect

You could be an overachiever who only gives out work that is perfect and hence, takes up more time you spend at work. It is important to note that perfectionism cannot be achieved, and the only thing you should work towards is managing your time well to give your excellent performance at work.

Maintaining a balance between your personal life and your work yields an all-around positive result. Take these simple methods at a slow pace and give yourself enough compassion to follow through.

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