March 26, 2023

Packing a suitcase is one stressful activity most travellers do not enjoy doing. But it is usually a must to pack some clothes and toiletries if you are going on a trip. To enjoy packing a suitcase also means knowing how to pack a suitcase properly. Below are some ways to pack a suitcase.

  1. Pick a suitcase: Make sure to pick a strong and durable suitcase. It should be at least 20 inches tall so that it can contain almost everything you are planning to carry. 
  2. Pick your clothing: Before you start packing, make sure to select the clothes you will use on the trip to avoid any issues of “Oh, I forgot to pack my tee shirt” or “what am I going to wear now?”. Pick out no more than five pairs of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and one cap should be brought along. You should modify the list to meet your needs. If you think you’ll need them, pack a suit jacket and dress or a swimsuit and gym equipment. 
  3. Lay everything out:  Bring out all the clothes, shoes and everything you will need to pack and place them close to your suitcase. Think properly and do not pack any unimportant items. If you need to make a list of everything you need to pack, make it and tick each one as you place it beside your suitcase.
  4. Placement: When packing, make sure to place each item in a way to enable other items to fit properly in the suitcase. Use tiny bags to aid in maintaining the organization and compactness of your wardrobe. Place your underwear and t-shirts in the middle, while large, fitted garments like coats and skirts should be placed on the outside. Rolling up your clothing makes space more efficient and reduces wrinkles. 
  5. Use liquid-proof bag: Try to keep any liquid, especially your toiletries in liquid-proof bags to avoid spillage unto your clothes.

With these easy methods, packing should no longer be a stress for you. Enjoy your trip.

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