November 28, 2022

Imagine your in a social gathering and your under breathe, searching your mind’s eye for what to say and how best to say this.
A lot of introvert actually go through this phase, it’s really never ending and indeed nerve racking unless one masters the very skills that allievates and puts a pause to this unlikely phenomena.

Social skills vary from Sharing information with individuals, people with no close relationship interacting with each other and also acquaintance likewise to Respecting boundaries set in place by these certain group of people within themselves. All this must be put into consideration while trying to make a great first impression.
The key pointers to having a long lasting Impression are:
• Smiling + Being nice and friendly.
• Positivity + Being professional.
• Body language + Looking the part.
• Being confident + Not being creepy or weird about relating with others.
• Preparing talking points + Not being rude.
• Using their names whilst the conversation is ongoing.
• Leaving a lasting impression; This last step is only going to be a success if the previous steps we’re duely acknowledged and seen through.

Conversations are meant normally to be informal by nature where ideas are exchanged and depending on the gravity and weight of the information transmitted, knowledge shared as well. The embodiment of the conversation should always carry a specific message which earns these individuals common ground.
I’ll continue by asking….. If you walk out of your house today can you hold a conversation with just anyone? And If you can, what type of conversations do you engage in? Does it look as though the individuals are not interested in what is being talked about? Do you even remember the first conversation that you had with the person?.
We have to establish the fact that conversations are links. Having a conversation is an enlightening and fascinating experience, it is adventure. A conversation gives you a whole new ideology and it’s a soft word that breaks strong doors indeed. It makes war and is capable of making peace as well. Conversations at large define who we are as a human entity.
Brainstorm about this scenario, If individuals never communicate at first and find common ground, friendships would not be built, relationships certainly isn’t left out as understanding and intimacy would not be possible, Hence communication which is the first step to a great impression has to be achieved for this very purpose.

This begs the question…. “How do you do it?”
“How do you talk with a stranger!?”.
Strangers? They are everywhere and we’ve always been told, DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS, But I beg to differ. Every stranger comes with an opportunity- an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to have experience you never had or hear a story that you have never come across before. And you had the moment,right? You’re in the room with someone you don’t know and you look across the room. You see a stranger and you think I want to talk to this person and you can almost hear the first word but it won’t come out, It kind of stuck around here, it kind of goes up and down and you don’t know. You know what…. Take this advice, JUST SAY IT, “What’s the worst that can happen?” They won’t talk to you, well they’re not talking to you now either.

Here’s a list of effective ways to make a conversation with anyone…
• The first word floodgate: I truly believe that the first word acts as a floodgate. Because once you say that word every other thing just flows. Remember to keep it simple always. A “Hi, Hey, Hello” and then doing what every good bowler does. Gathering the enthusiasm,energy and postivity whilst putting on a big smile and saying Hi. There’s definitely going to be a strange moment but confidence and postivity is always highly efficient.
• Skipping the small talk: Here we ask personal questions, it is important to not be afraid. A person can be really willing to share things about themselves but it all depends on the kind of connection formed between the individuals…
• Finding the me-toos.
• Paying a unique compliment: It is essential that we know a person can forget what you do and say but will never likely forget how you made them feel. Be generous and go out and give someone a nice full compliment.
• Ask for an opinion.
• Being present (also try to make eye contacts at most): Trust me, eye contact is where all the magic happens. You can feel the conversation and trust the person, when you’re looking at someone in the eye, nine out of 10 times they will not dare look away, Right?.
• Remembering the little details about the person….. remembering their names, place, little things they shared with you even down to their pets(animal)name if they have one:
Remember these little things about people and repeat it back to them, ask questions, be genuinely interested and automatically you have become an investor in their well-being. So they feel responsible to you to keep the conversation going…

“A conversation is like reading a book, You can turn to any page you want. You can flip to your favorite chapter. And you can read as long as you want and can read what you want and every person, trust me…. Is a really good book”.

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