June 4, 2023

Sometimes, you have different small business ideas you would love to begin with. But getting a store or renting space could put a financial strain on you, and as someone just starting out, that is the last thing you need.

Working your small business from home is a good start. All you need for a start is a spare room to keep goods or if you are into an online business, you can work with your laptop anywhere. Of course, there are tons of business ideas out there, but which of them are practical to start within the four walls of your house? We have gathered them for you.

1. Service business

When you go online, you see tons of people offering services such as graphic designing, social media management, life coaching, calligraphy, web designing, virtual assistant, drawing, and even hairdressing. We live in a digitized world, and there is always a constant demand for skills. You can do more research to choose which service business aligns with you and give it a go.

2. Selling digital products

As stated earlier, the world is digitized, and you can sell skills you have mastered online by packaging them into a digital product. A fun fact about this is, it doesn’t require getting products to the customers. Some of the digital products you can look into selling are photos, courses, graphics, logos, illustrations, software, animations, audio, and so on.

3. Be a content creator

You can focus on one or two niches/topics you are interested in and create content either on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., or create a blog. That way, you can grow an audience of followers and monetize your content to them but selling products to them, affiliate or brand marketing, or by being paid for brand promotion (influencer marketing).

4. Buying products wholesale and selling online

Have you seen those online importation and exportation traders on your social media sometimes? Most of them buy goods in bulk from sites like Alibaba and sell them in lesser quantities to consumers. You can give this a try.

You can always come up with new and creative ways to work from home, and if you have more ideas on small businesses you can start from home, you can always share more.

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