June 4, 2023

Nowadays, we tend to spend a lot of time on our mobile phones due to one reason or the other; some of the reasons could be due to work, study, keeping in touch with our friends and family etc. 

According to a study done by 11k RescueTime users, it was observed that people spent an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their smartphones and this is just limited to a certain geographical area.

However the excessive usage of our mobile phones can have either a positive or a negative effect on our lives.

Positive Effects of Mobile Phones on our Lives, Relationships and The Society:

  1. Communication: We use our mobile phones to keep in contact with our friends, colleagues and families. We also use it to make new friends on social media.
  2. Entertainment: Most of us utilize our phones in watching the latest movies, playing games, downloading videos, browsing through social media etc.
  3. Organisation: We also use our phones in planning our day, storing important documents, keeping track of our locations, sending emails etc.
  4. Other Effects: Our phones can be utilized in booking cabs, making reservations, taking photos etc. due to the in-built cameras, calendars, notes etc.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phones on Our Lives, Relationships and The Society

  1. Addiction: Excessive use of our mobile phones can lead to addiction because our phones now form a large part of our lives and we can’t do without our phones these days. This can lead to depression, anxiety etc.
  2. Distraction: Having a cell phone can be very distracting due to notifications, calls, messages etc. This can interfere with our studies, work, family life, or even our businesses.
  3. Mental Disorders: The use of mobile phones have been found to be a leading cause of depression, anxiety and loneliness among young adults and teenagers because a lot of them are hustling for likes and followers on their social media accounts.
  4. Other Effects: Using our mobile phones can be a waste of time as we tend to check our phones even when nothing is happening. Mobile phones can also lead to high increase in crime rate due to stealing, robbery, prostitution etc.

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