November 28, 2022

Robots are machines that possess human characteristics and are programmed by a computer to imitate human movements in order to be able to carry out certain functions or actions automatically. Although a robot may not always look like a human being and may just look like a machine, It possesses the speed, precision and efficiency that a human lacks.

Nowadays, the invention of robots to make our lives easier and foster human work is becoming increasingly popular. However, some people believe that the increasing use of robots would cause the human population to go into poverty, unemployment and depression due to the fact that we are becoming more dependent on robots to do our jobs for us rather than humans.

The Following are the Advantages of Robots:

  1. Robots have the capability of increasing efficiency, quality, consistency and productivity of goods and services because unlike humans, they don’t get bored or tired and they can be accurate to a certain extent.
  2. Robots have the ability of working in harmful environments that are not safe for humans to work in due to the fact that they can’t die, be injured or fall sick.
  3. They can work in unfavourable environmental conditions unlike human beings because they do not require warmth, air, lightning, noise protection or air conditioning.
  4. Robots possess certain characteristics like sensors which can scan humans and animals, places or things. They can also detect changes in a body system, can provide things on command etc. All these make a robot more capable than a human being.

The Following are the Disadvantages of Robots:

  1. The increasing use of robots in every sector of our society can cause a lot of humans to be put out of their jobs thereby creating economic problems in our society.
  2. Robots are programmed to act in a certain way and can only do what they are told to do. This means that they cannot improvise when there’s a need for that.
  3. Purchasing a robot to use can be very costly due to the cost of initial purchase, maintenance, extra parts and the need for a programmer to programme the robot to carry out certain tasks.
  4. Robots cannot think for themselves nor can they understand the things they see due to their lack of creative brains such as that of humans. They also lack the ability to adapt to situations or conditions.

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