November 28, 2022

The world is really shifting focus from analog economy and mode of economic transaction to more robust technology driven knowledge economy. How do I mean? Human method of Normal buying and selling is been replaced with technological skills. To be able to meet the demands of job requirements in this fifth industrial revolution, this digital skills can never be out of place.


Business men, women, artisans and customers are used to normal oral or radio and TV gingles of marketing. Tell you what! The act of storytelling strategy of marketing is an amazing technique of marketing a products. To excel in business in this era of digital transformation copywriting  cannot be neglected. It is the act of putting words together describing a digital or physical products in order to woo customers to buy it. Copywriting is one of the highest paying skills, also it is one of the easiest and less time consuming. If you master the art well, you will convert strangers to clients in just a second.  With less than 200 words you can make like $200. Every company is embracing the act to remain relevant in the business.

Article writing and SEO

If you are passionate about writing, go for writing. It will broaden your mind to all other forms of freelance writing. Better still, you will grow steadily to become a top writer. Expressing oneself using pen and paper has become a lucrative way to make passive income. As a gifted writer, brands will need your services to help project their products to the world.

Virtual assistant

This is one of the easiest skill. It is also less demanding and you can manage it easily right from the comfort of your home. It involve email management of administrative issues like data entry, book keeping, managing emails, content writing and more.

Tech and start-up

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