February 8, 2023

Human problems is complex, tedious and logical sometimes. Due to the complexity of human problems, it requires a driven solution to tackle it head on. With that been said, technology is fastly influencing how we work, relate, worship and govern the society. It is no longer a surprise that computer programs are helping mankind solve her pressing needs accurately and with less time consumption. However, it has influenced our attitude to work and what have you. All of these is visible with the help of artificial intelligence. So what then, is artificial intelligence?  This is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence such tasks could be visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. It is an advancement in computing in which computer programs perform the same tasks or problems that requires human intelligence or reasoning.

Now, what is the future of work in advanced artificial intelligence dominated  system? Well! The answer to this question may vary demanding on the view and level of adoption of technological innovation. The world is faced with a lot anomalies that requires an immediate solution. However to meet the demands of health care system, security, educational need of third world countries, climate change, food crises, governance and space research, the power of AI can’t be swept under the carpet. Most of human based challenges bedeviling the society today can actually be addressed using computer programs. 

In health sector, AI remains an essential tool in research about cancer, pandemic diseases and million rare diseases that is yet to be discovered. AI can actually be used to study the relationship between different diseases that affect mankind, their symptoms and solution to it. Meanwhile, AI can hasten research process and come out accurate answer. 

How about area of insecurity and terrorism? Different continent in world is facing one terror attack or the other. Al Qaeda in Asia world, Hamas in the middle east, Biko Haram terrorism in Northern Nigeria and a lots More. Some technological advanced nations , like US, Israel, Britian, France and host of others nations have over the years developed computer code that track activities of terrorists anywhere in the he world. This has brought positive results on the these nations fight terrorism.

Furthermore, the power of AI cannot neglected in governance. The major problem in governance in developing democracy like Nigeria is the issue of corruption. This is rally affecting major policies and programs of government. If government of Nigeria decide to adopt technological innovations in fighting corruption, it will be a thing of the past in matter of few years. Have ever wondered how FBI was able to track internet fraudsters? Well, you can check it out.

Lastly, AI may not completely  phase out how human operates, but it can improve the methodologies and influence positively on how  certain decisions are made thereby reducing bias in key areas of human involvement.

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