February 8, 2023

Finding ourselves in difficult situations is part of life and something we cannot avoid as long as we’re living. 

Sometimes, we may get overwhelmed in the situation we find ourselves in that we become hopeless, helpless and frustrated. This is something that a lot of people deal with and they don’t know what to do about it.

Therefore, you must realize you’re in a difficult situation while also knowing how to manage yourself and deal with this situation.

  1. AVOID CAFFEINE: Sometimes, drinking a caffeinated beverage is something that we turn to most times whenever we are stressed because it provides the rush of energy that we crave for. However, the rise in energy you get can also decrease abruptly which can leave you feeling drained and can make you worse than you already are.
  2. REMAIN POSITIVE: I know that this is something that might seem impossible to some persons in a tight spot but it’s very important that you take a break from whatever you’re doing to clear your head in order to think clearly on how you can solve your problems. Also, this will help you to think about the good in your situation and not to give up hope on a solution.
  3. REACH OUT TO OTHERS: There’s a saying that ‘a problem shared is a problem half solved’. We should learn to seek advice from a trusted friend who can offer you an advice because they can see things from a different perspective since they’re not the ones in the situation.
  4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Depriving ourselves of sleep because we are thinking of how to solve our problems or trying to solve our problems  is not the best thing to do. Adequate sleep is necessary for optimal brain functioning, clear thinking and increased mental capability which can help us to think clearly in order to develop a possible solution to our problems.
  5. FORMULATE A PLAN: After ensuring that we’re in the right state of mind and calming down, we should develop a plan which can help us to start focusing on the solution instead of the problem. The plan should have minimal rates of failure, should be specific, should be in steps and should lead to our goals.

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