February 8, 2023

There are a lot of perks to working remotely from home. 

While some people might not be very open to the idea of working from home as they believe that it will hinder productivity due to so many distractions, others might disagree that working from home provides one with comfort and flexibility. 

However, regardless of whatever you think, I would be giving you 20 tips on how you can effectively work remotely from home and accomplish all your tasks even if you’re new to remote work.

  1. Develop and implement rules and regulations for the people around you to prevent disturbances and distractions.
  2. Ask your employer for the equipment you need to work from home such as; webcam, laptop, work phone etc.
  3. Devote a space in your home to be used as your office where you can work.
  4. Develop a to-do list each day before you start working where you write down the tasks you have to accomplish for the day and plan towards it.
  5. Make a work-free space in your home where you can relax in between working hours to unwind and prevent stress.
  6. Reply phone calls, voicemails and emails as soon as you can during work hours because people anticipate that you would answer them quickly.
  7. Ensure that you get adequate sleep and food when you’re working from home in order to be able to work effectively.
  8. Try to eliminate distractions as much as possible when you’re working as this can hinder productivity.
  9. Monitor your progress every day by keeping records and documents to ensure that you finish all your tasks and accomplish your goals.
  10. Ensure that you have a good internet connection at home to facilitate your work and prevent delays that will hinder your work progress.
  11. Take a walk during your break period as this can help you get fresh air and prevent you from sitting in one place for too long.
  12. Communicate professionally with your co-workers as frequently as possible while you’re working as this can make work easier for you.

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