February 8, 2023

A home is so much more than where you lay your head or have your meals. It is supposed to be a safe space, a sanctuary, a place to raise and nurture a family. A place that feels natural to you. That said, how it looks and feels is crucial. Here are a few things to consider when getting a house, moving in or redecorating.

Lighting: The importance of lighting in any space cannot be overemphasized. Light can be used to depict mood and/or enhance it so the more lit a place is the more warm it is perceived whilst places with low light can be cool and cozy. A bonus is, you get to take amazing pictures in your home because of how illuminated it is. The type of lighting used also matters. there are hard and soft light, warm and cool lights, etc. Blue, Red, Green, White lights all have certain effects when used.

Photo by jimkruger on iStock

Colours: There is nothing more interesting about a place than its colour. Colours work with lighting to further enhance the atmosphere the room carries. The house could be painted according to your taste and there are a host of colours to choose from. A dark green colour depicts sophistication whilst a pale pink depicts comfort. Brown gives off an earthy and grounding feeling.

Wallpapers: Wallpapers are a great way to bring dynamism to your home. They are very versatile, easy to install and could be used either by itself or paired with wall paint. If you are someone who likes to change settings yearly, wallpapers could be the easiest way to go without robbing the bank.

Tones of Green accentuating the room

Bookshelves: You do not need to be an avid reader to have at least a mini bookshelf at home. Yes it could be all for the aesthetic, but people who come into your space would think you are an intellectual, you would be more respected.

Drapes/curtains: If you have huge windows and big drapes to cover them, watch how people would not want to leave your house. Every home owner knows just how expensive curtains are and so to not properly plan for them could be problematic. It gives this feeling of freedom that could be somewhat addictive.

Bookshelf and Art adding character instead of a plain wall

Plants: Growing plants in the house is a cool aesthetic but much more than that, it serves as an air purifier. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, this exchange makes the air cleaner and fresher. Asides these, plants are said to be a good omen when placed in the house to bring wealth and peace.

Art pieces: Whether it is a drawing or painting from a renowned artist, or a DIY project, having cute arts and craft pieces really bring out the appeal to your space. The type of art chosen can also say much about your personality and interests.

There are many ways to spice up your home for comfort. Some people make their spaces so good that it’s easy to ditch a party just to get home. This could be you, you just need to pay attention to how you’d like your space to be.

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