February 8, 2023
A photo showing the Pyramids of Khufu at Giza in Egypt (Source: Wikipedia)

For some of us, we find travelling and going on vacations as part of our hobbies and also as coping mechanisms for us, which makes us always look for places to see, cities to tour and destinations to visit. If you’re also a fellow like me, I’m sure you would be very keen to know the countries that one can visit in Africa.

A photo showing Dar Es Salaam city in Tanzania (Source: iStock)
A photo showing Kenyan Wildlife (Source: iStock)

Here, I will be giving you some of the most affordable African countries that you can visit in 2023.

A photo showing the hills and valleys in Rwanda (Source: iStock)
  1. The Arab Republic of Egypt: This is a country located in the NorthEastern part of Africa. This African country connects Africa to the Middle East. The capital city of this country is Cairo and is a home to Ottoman landmarks such as the Egyptian Musuem and Muhammad Ali Mosque.This country is known for its Ancient history. The currency for this country is the Egyptian pound. 
  2. Morocco: This is an African country located in the Northern part of Africa. It partitions the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Morocco is the city of Rabat. This country is known for its variety of cultures because of its Berber, Arabian and European influences found among the people.
  3. The Republic of Rwanda: This is a country located in Central Africa. This is a closed in country found in the Great Rift Valley of Central Africa. The capital of this country is Kigali with its currency measured in Rwandan Franc. The country is known for its thousands of hills. Rwanda is bordered by the following countries; Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Congo.
  4. Tanzania: It is a beautiful country situated in East Africa, the capital of the country is Dodoma. This country is known for its extensive areas of wilderness. The currency of this country is Tanzanian shilling. This country houses Serengeti National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain.
  5. Malawi: This country is situated in the Southeastern part of Africa. The capital of this country is Lilongwe. The currency used in this country is Malawian Kwacha. This country is known for its geography of highlands divided into two by a valley and an enormous lake. It has the most affordable wildlife in the whole of Africa. The country also contains Lake Malawi National Park and Peninsular Cape Maclear.
  6. Kenya: This is a country located in Eastern Africa with its capital being Nairobi. On the coast of the country is the Indian Ocean. The currency of this country is Kenyan shilling. The country is known for its different wildlife like elephants, lions and rhinos. It also has natural reserves like the Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park.

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