February 8, 2023

Does anyone remember the ‘Ama kip kip’ stamped on round necked T-shirts around 2014? It was everywhere and I know some people spent their hard coin to get them even though it didn’t take long for it to fizzle out.

Fashion forever changes. What was considered fashionable could go stale in a few months but here are some trends that have been around a while and we absolutely love.

Afro: This is a no brainer and has been in style for a long time. Rocking an afro whether as a wig or a natural hairdo transcends time and is ever fresh. Afro fits into all kinds of outfits from gowns to jeans and even office wear.

Woman on Afro

Boot-cut: This is a special type of pants (jeans or material) that fit snug on the waist to the knees and then becomes wide as it reaches the ankles. It is usually seen as ‘old-school’ or ‘vintage’ but this is an outfit that looks cool whenever it is worn. The fact that it fits both men and women is a plus.

Bootcut jeans on model

Braids: Braids have been a constant in African culture for millenniums. It was even a means of survival during the slave years. They are versatile, not to mention beautiful and can be accessorized in different ways. Braids are not just for the outward appearance but they have been used as a protective style for the African natural curly hair. And so, it really cannot face extinction.

Satin loose dresses: They could be short with ruffles or long and flowy but these dresses are cute and sensual and can apply to various settings. They come in either spaghetti straps or an open back with a crisscross string. Whether it’s a dinner, date night, or a trip to an art gallery, this dress can be paired with sneakers, boots or heels and should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Low rise bottoms: Every lady seems to be getting this item back on track. This is either to showcase their toned flat bellies as everyone’s been hitting the gym, or to imitate our favourite celebrity Arya Star, who won’t hesitate to tell you she’s a fine babe.

Crocs: These are relatively new and were a menace since 2021 and they still are. People are getting more and more creative with them. There are better colours, bling added to them, some are even made with thicker heels. There are a lot you can do with crocs and they are very addictive because of how comfortable they are. They can be worn to the beach, a house party, the mall, just not to the office on a Monday.

Fashion is transient, what you should strive for is style. Your personal style matters a great deal and it can evolve just as you want it. As they say, fashion can be bought but style is inherent and surpasses time.

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