February 8, 2023

Although Egyptians were the first people on earth to have worn cosmetics, makeup is now spread far and wide in every corner of the world and has become predominantly female even though men and women wore them in Egypt to signify a status of wealth.

The world has witnessed a surge in the makeup and beauty industry so much that it contributes to the GDP of several countries and has made millionaires if not billionaires.

A beautiful black woman with full on make up

Although the purpose of using cosmetics and beauty products are many, the most common response is that it serves as a confidence boost to the women who wear them. But not every woman gets it right. If you are completely new to makeup, it could be a hassle when trying it out for the first time. So here are a few tips to make beauty products work for you instead of against you.

YouTube tutorials: At this point anything and everything can be found on this app. It is the second most used search engine after Google. There are tons of videos on makeup tricks and tweaks, beauty trends, good/trash products, etc. Spend time getting information and trying them out to see which sticks.

Watch/Listen to people who look like you: If a person who does not have your skin colour or features tells you to put certain products on your face, stay away. Especially when you are just starting out. If you are dark skinned, caramel, ebony, light skinned, you need someone with these as well. These products come in various shades and you do not want something lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Research the brand: This is key. Most brands really do not cater to some types of skin or skin colour. Fenty Beauty for example has 40 shades of foundation running from very fair skin to very dark ones, this is a brand that can be trusted to have a foundation in your shade. Skin type is also important. This includes oily, dry and combination skin. A wrong product could drip out your face, look cakey or aggravate your acne!

Fenty beauty foundation shades for black and brown skin women

Don’t stop at one fail: Makeup is art. It is literally a skill that has to be practiced until you are satisfied with the results. You will not figure it out in one day so the more you fail at it, the better you are actually becoming. You may not believe this, but makeup artists can make up to or more than ten million naira yearly and if you compare their first makeup look, you would laugh. So, practice.

Although makeup does improve confidence, actual self-confidence is better. The way you feel and think about yourself matters more than anything else.

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