February 8, 2023

Skincare is essential to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. Most people think that skincare is only just about the face but skin is everywhere and every inch should be treated equally as the face. There are inexhaustible ways to actually care for your skin splattered all over the internet but here are a few of my non-negotiables.

Shower regularly: Removing dirt, sweat and germs from the skin is one of the ways to improve its overall look and smell. Using a body sponge, or loofa helps to exfoliate dead skin making the skin soft and supple. Certain skin conditions like can be avoided with having regular baths or at least a bath a day.

Always moisturize: Skin needs moisture to avoid looking dry and patchy which can be uncomfortable. Moisturizing can be in form of creams, body butter or oils and can be used as frequently as twice a day.

sunscreen for sun protection

Use Sunscreen: Sun Protectant Factor (SPF) has become widely canvased for the past decade. SPF should be applied daily to limit the exposure of ultra violet rays which could damage the skin and even cause adverse health effects like skin cancer. Dermatologist advice that sunscreen be reapplied every 2-3 hours of direct sun exposure.

Change bed sheets frequently: This isn’t direct to the skin but frequently changing your bed sheets and pillowcases is necessary. Dirt and germs build up on these areas especially on cotton materials and would come in contact with skin especially the face, which could lead to breakouts and irritation. As a result, bed sheets and pillowcases should be washed and changed twice a week.

Biotin supplement. Credit: Bet Noire | Getty Images

Try supplements: Compounds like Biotin and Vitamin C are quite essential for a healthy looking skin, hair and nails. But foods mostly consumed in this part of the country are carbohydrates with little proteins. Getting a great supplement (preferably by a physician) to up your dose of these nutrients could improve skin.

Drink more water: This should have probably been one on the list but frequent water intake has tremendous benefits for the skin. People who consume water have strong skin elasticity and may not suffer from wrinkling and scars. They may also age slower than people who typically don’t drink enough water.

Picture by Leanne Pedersen / Masterfile

Heal your gut: This is a new terrain, but a lot of studies have shown that having a bad gut leads to skin issues like irritation, spots, sensitivity and premature ageing. There are several microorganisms in the gut that help with digestion, secretion, etc. Once compromised, it could lead to a host of health problems one of which displays on the skin. Do more research to understand how to improve your gut health.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs the most from our surroundings and what you put on it. Being careful of these little things can ensure perfect health and elasticity for the skin.

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