February 8, 2023

WhatsApp is of the Meta messaging application that allows people to chat, share files and images, make calls. Overtime it has migrated from being a platform where users share memes, images and documents to robust tool for business transactions. With up to 10 billion users monthly, it has become an excellent channel that allows digital creators, small business owners to engage directly with their customers and facilitate sales easily at less cost. Now, how does WhatsApp help drive sales? Well! Every social media platforms is created with the aim to promote physical businesses and digital products and WhatsApp is not an exception. I’m this article we will explore various ways in which WhatsApp help in growing small scale businesses and drive sales.

Online store/ Catalog

For businesses that do not have a website to upload their products, WhatsApp has a feature were you can create online store or catalog to display your products or services. The feature allows business owners or digital creators to add up to 500 items on the catalog. Customers on the other hands can browse and go through the products and make purchase.

Communication with team members

Apart from using WhatsApp to engage customers, it is a great platform to pass messages easily to team members. Your team members can be engaged to interact with customers as well as promote businesses.

Engaging marketing content

With WhatsApp story, you can create an engaging ads contents that converts to sales. Within the content, always ensure you use lead magnets and irresistible offers to sell your products.

Market research

With WhatsApp, it is easier to get feedback about the products or services you sale. Clients can easily reach out and air their view about any product been displayed on the catalog. This helps the business owner to make some adjustments were necessary and come out with better products or services.

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