February 8, 2023

“In a season of difficulty, a season of ease is right around the corner” says spoken word Poet, Esinet Kolade in this eye opening interview on finding purpose. Read to your heart’s content.

Esinet Kolade

Tell us your name and what you are about.

My name is Esinet Kolade. I’m a Christian, humanitarian content developer, a spoken word poet, an excited new mum and a generally fun person to be around.

Your name is beautiful. What state are you from?

I’m from Ekiti state.

What’s the story behind moving to Nigeria?

Well I was born here then moved to Zimbabwe where my mum is from at the early age of 3. I spent over a decade there and came back to Nigeria for my university and to get to really know what it is to be a Nigerian.

So far, how has your journey been?

It’s been colourful, I’ve gotten to build a beautiful relationship with my father, have the opportunity to understand where I’m from more, I met my husband here and of course I just had a beautiful baby girl who I’m constantly gushing over. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel a bit around the country which has made me appreciate the diversity of being Nigerian.

What would you say ‘purpose’ is?

My favourite quote on purpose is from the late Myles Monroe which says, ‘if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable’. For me purpose is knowing what you are meant to be or do in this life.

How does one find purpose? Is there truly a right path?

Like I said earlier, I am a Christian and my beliefs on purpose are grounded deeply in my faith. I have come to understand that God who I believe is all knowing has a beautiful plan for each and every one of us. To find purpose is to first find God who guides you to finding your purpose. It’s important to know that EVERYONE has a purpose.

Your purpose must benefit both you and the collective society positively.  Everyone has a role to play in this. When it comes to knowing the ‘right path’, some people find it immediately, while others, the vast majority really don’t know what their path is. I believe the best person may not know his or her path but must constantly strive to find out what it is.

I’ve seen you as a facilitator for kids, talk us through how it all began.

Interestingly, I ran away from an early age from working with kids. I knew how stubborn they could be and knew I didn’t have the patience to deal with them. However, when I came to Nigeria I heard about the situation in the north east and how children were the most affected by the conflict. The situation there was very volatile, security risks were high and in truth many people were dying.

I knew in my heart that I had to go there and work with the children. My entire family was against it. Yet in my heart, with strong conviction I travelled down. My heart broke at what I saw there, the stories I heard. I found fulfilment in working with child survivors. Playing my part in helping thousands of children heal from the trauma of conflict was fulfilling. It was purpose fulfilled. 

What are life lessons this Path taught you?

Firstly, not everyone will understand your purpose. So don’t waste your time trying to convince people about it. Focus on fulfilling it.

Secondly put all your heart into your purpose. Don’t be half hearted about it. Die empty. Give it your all.

Lastly, enjoy living your best life in your purpose. There is no better place to be than to be in the will of God. So even if you fall off the path, jump back on and keep going.

There must have been difficult times. What were they and how did you pull through?

I’ve experienced some pretty tough situations in the past and somehow God always helped me to come out of them. So firstly God as my source would remind me of His purpose for my life. Then also knowing that life is all about times and seasons. So if I am in a season of difficulty, a season of ease is right around the corner.

You’re a new mum. How does that make you feel?

I imagined how it would be to be a mum before I became a mum. Honestly, I never could have imagined how wonderful it is. I wasn’t even close.

Outside of the beautiful feelings that come with motherhood, there is the realization that you are in charge of a whole human being. Not a toy you get bored off or a boyfriend you can break up with… A CHILD!!  It’s a whole lot of responsibility that scared me at first but I have learnt to take things in my stride, as each day comes.

Do you think being a mum and wife would affect your career?

I’ve always been big on my career, I made sure to marry someone who would appreciate how I want to grow in leaps and bounds in that area. I always thought that it would always come first but when I held my baby for the first time, she became the priority.

Raising a child is an entire job on its own. However, to live is to be able to adapt and purpose must still be fulfilled. Because I am taking things one day at a time, I’ve had time to assess the season I’m in now. My priority in this season now is raising my child. Thankfully, technology has allowed us work remotely. This allows me to be more flexible so I still have a source of income coming in.

While I’m in this frenzy of being a new mum and thinking of another person, neglecting oneself can occur unconsciously so it’s important to have a balance that works for you.

What are vital elements to sustain purpose?

Never loose sight of your purpose. It’s very easy to. As the seasons change in your life ensure you always consciously align.

People say there’s a ‘change’ that comes with purpose. Is this true?

I believe that as you work in your purpose and towards your purpose you become more fulfilled. That fulfillment is the change. It makes you be better, respond better and do better.

What are your pillars of strength when you feel low?

My faith tops this because my faith drives my purpose. Also myself, I have to believe in myself to be able to do anything.  My husband is my support in fulfilling purpose and vice versa, he always has a word of encouragement in my low seasons. 

What are your live goals?

I want to positively impact my world, one person at a time. Leave a mark in the hearts of people that prompts them to want to be and do better, have healthier mind sets towards themselves and others around them. I believe if you positively impact one person, that one person can go on to impact others. I’d love to do this with my facilitation sessions and my poetry.

In five years, just how much of your dream would be reality?

It really depends on how purposeful I am about achieving my goals. My hope is to still be in purpose in 5 or 10 years. What I am sure of is that I won’t be where I am today! I will have done more, impacted more lives!

What are your final words on purpose?

Be deliberate about fulfilling purpose. If you aren’t deliberate about it, life will pass you by.  No one else can fulfil your purpose other than you!

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