February 8, 2023

There are millions and millions of products being made in the world and best believe that you do not need most of them. In today’s world of advertising and marketing, it can be difficult to know which products are actually worth your time and money. To ease your stress, here are just a few ones to be aware of.

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    Hair conditioners: There are three types of conditioners especially in the natural hair community; normal conditioner, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioners. These products serve the same function- to moisturize the hair, but they have been separated to take more money from women. A normal conditioner on the hair for 20mins is deep conditioning. Also, a leave in conditioner on the hair without heat applied, does nothing.

    Diet drinks: If you have been advised to opt for taking diet drinks to loose weight, you’ve been misinformed. Looking at the contents of these drinks, they have the same amount of sugar content that is in the regular ones. So if you really want to cut out sugar and soda from your diet, stop taking caffeinated or carbonated drinks all together.

    Loofah: This is a soft sponge commonly used by women to shower or scrub the skin. The truth is, it is so soft that it does absolutely nothing to exfoliate dead skin cells.  It soaks up way too much soap and because it is made of plastic, it carries and holds in bacteria, causing skin problems. If you see these advertised, look the other way.


    Mouthwash: This might be a shock to many but mouthwash is not as effective as they’ve been called out to be. Alone, it does absolutely nothing for your breath or the health of your gums and teeth. Some mouthwashes are so harsh that they kill the needed micro biomes in the mouth. Coconut oil is a better alternative so do your research.

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    Miracle hair Products: These products often claim to be contain special ingredients that will aid faster, stronger and fuller hair growth. Sadly, no product can do this. Hair growth is largely dependent on genetics and little of hair products. There is no product that will make you Rapunzel overnight. Know what your hair needs and give it just that. For type 4c hair, moisturize, do low manipulation hair styles and stay away from direct heat.

    Organic soap: This caused an uproar way back with an ‘organic skin care’ brand in Lagos, Nigeria. The reviews gotten were so terrible that one would wonder why a product like that even exists. Organic soaps are more likely to cause skin damages than clinically tested lab-made skincare products. Most of them contain harsher compounds due to lack of measure and testing. Please, save yourself the heartache by using clinically tested products for your beautiful skin.

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    In conclusion, it’s important to be skeptical of products that make grandiose claims and come with a high price tag. While some products are worth the investment, many are overrated and are not worth it.

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