February 8, 2023
Two people communicating (Source: iStock)

Communication is an important part of any relationship. This is because without effective communication between two people, a relationship cannot succeed.

As individuals with businesses, jobs or any career, it is important that we learn how to properly communicate with one another. This will help to reduce conflict and promote a good relationship with other people.

In this article, I will be giving you 6 tips that you could use to cultivate effective communication. They include the following;

Two people trying to communicate (Source: InCorp Global)

Try not to bring up past issues when communicating

Bringing up past issues that have been existing for a long time and weren’t resolved can hinder proper communication especially when it is done at the same time. It may also hinder you from passing the initial message you wanted to pass across.

Find the proper time and place for communication

In resolving an issue between someone and to foster effective communication, it is important to consider the person’s state of mind, time, place and setting.

Do not Make Assumptions

To promote effective communication, it is important to note that assumptions are not helpful. Instead of making statements about someone’s actions or the meaning behind them, it is better you ask questions first.

Do not be emotional 

We all know that emotions can hinder proper communication and while it is almost impossible not to have emotions, try to remain passive and do not allow your emotions to get in your way of communicating.

Be Mindful of your attitude and manners

Your attitude towards communication and the manners you exhibit before and during communication matters a lot such as; the way you approach a person, your tone of voice being used, your non-verbal cues exhibited etc.

Don’t Forget to Appreciate: 

While you’re preparing to criticize the other person on what he or she did wrong, also don’t forget to appreciate them for the little things they did right.

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