February 8, 2023
A photo of  a stressed worker at work (Photo Credit: Daily Sabah)

Finding a way to relax after a stressful day is very important especially if you’re a 9 to 5 worker or a student who also has a family that you take care of.

After closing from work, school or business and coming back home, some of us might just be tempted to lie on our beds and sleep all through the night but that isn’t always possible because we have one or two things that we might need to attend to.

A photo showing a woman relaxing (Photo Credit: HelpGuide.org)

However, we can still attend to these things and also have time to relax in order to gain the much needed rest in preparation for the next day.

Have a nice bath: Taking a nice warm or cold bath depending on the weather at the moment can help you to feel refreshed and relaxed. This can also help to relieve tension from your muscles and induce sleep in your body which is important in relieving stress.

Engage in an Exercise: I know this might sound absurd to some of you but, Studies actually show that exercise is a good way to relieve stress and improve one’s mood. Exercise has a lot of benefits to the body and alleviating stress is one of them. It might be a passive or an active exercise depending on you.

Watch an interesting movie or read a book: Watching an interesting movie or reading a book such as comedy can encourage laughter which releases endorphins into the bloodstream thereby reducing the physical effects of stress. Laughter also has a way of elevating one’s mood.

A photo of a woman reading a book (Photo Credit: Talented Ladies Club)

Talk to someone about your day: This is important if you’ve had a bad day at work and you’re stressing yourself over an issue. It is better to vent out your thoughts and feelings to a trusted person who can empathize with you or even advise you on what to do. This could significantly improve your mood and reduce stress.

Have a light meal for dinner: A light meal could be fruits, salad, hot chocolate or even a relaxing tea. The important thing is that the meal should be nutritious, light and also easy to prepare so that you wouldn’t spend so much time in the kitchen making a heavy meal which might not be very good for your body.

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