February 8, 2023
A photo showing a virtual assistant (Source: www.ckdigitalacademy.com)

In today’s World, having more than one source of income is very important. This can help you to avoid going broke or running into debts. Technology has made it easier for one to have a full-time job with a remote work or freelancer role at the same time.

A photo showing a photographer (Source: Entrepreneur)

However, If you’re one of those people who are looking for side hustles that you could use as another source of income to earn money, then I’m sure that you would find this article helpful.

  1. Photography: This is recording an image by taking pictures or photos using a camera. It can be seen as a hobby for a lot of people but, it could also be turned into a career and could be done on a part time basis. This is a hobby that can also be turned into a side hustle. Here, you get to take photos for birthdays, weddings and other events as a photographer.
  2. Social Media Management: This is a skill whereby one creates content that suits a particular audience online. They also share these contents to different profiles on social media, keep track of comments and conversations online, cooperate with influencers etc.
  3. Blogging/Content Creation: This is a process of creating an idea or topic that is tailored to a particular audience. Next, you then turning that topic into a blog post, video, or voice recording while making it accessible to the intended audience.
  4. Content writing: This is the process of writing content for blogs, websites, businesses etc. This content is written in a digital format for the main purpose of digital marketing. Written content can also be turned into other content formats like videos, infographics etc.
  5. Digital marketing: This is a type of marketing that involves the use of digital channels or mediums such as phones, tablets, computers and other technologies in order to promote/market a product or service. Digital marketing ensures that the marketing campaigns reaches the consumer or buyer who will pay for the product or service.
  6. Virtual Assistance: A virtual assistant provides administrative assistance to a business or client on a part-time basis. They are responsible for making phone calls, scheduling appointments, making plans etc. A virtual assistant plays the role of an executive assistant but on a remote basis.
  7. Copywriting: This is a skill whereby one creates marketing, advertising or sales content to persuade customers, clients and businesses to bring about subscribers, conversions, sales etc.

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