February 8, 2023

In Africa, it is typical for men to have a significant influence on the IT sector. This, however, is hardly the case as more women make significant strides in the business, thereby ushering in a new era of female leadership in Africa’s tech sector.

The five women in the tech industry who are excelling are listed below. They were chosen from a group of many deserving women leaders in the African ICT industry.

1. Olamide Olowe: Recently, this Nigerian businesswoman was recognized as the youngest black woman to ever secure $10 million in finance. She is the creator of Topicals, a skincare company that employs technology to improve its offerings. The business was established in 2018. This businessperson headquartered in Los Angeles is also credited with co-founding SheaGIRL, a division of Sundial Brands that is currently owned by Unilever.

Olamide Olowe

2. Neemar Iyer: The founder of POLICY, a technology consulting company that employs digital tools to close the communication gap between the Ugandan government and its public, is a woman from Uganda. She is a technologist who alternates between Germany and Uganda, with Uganda serving as the home base for her IT company. In 2017, Policy was established.

Neemar Iyer

3. Tebogo Mokwena: Entrepreneur and IT enthusiast Tebogo Mokwena is from South Africa. She is a co-founder and the CEO of Akiba Digital, a financial technology business that uses a different infrastructure for credit scoring to help SMEs get funding regardless of their credit scores. In 2020, the business was established. Abika Digital is the solution to the $200 million or more gap in the market that a lack of credit score has caused.

Tebogo Mokwena

4. Jihan Abass: Lami, a virtual insurance marketplace, was established in 2018 by this Kenyan internet entrepreneur. Using Lami’s API, business partners may make it eas.ier for their clients to purchase digital insurance services. $1.8 million in startup capital was raised by the business last year.

Jihan Abass

5. Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson:Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, who had a passion for finding solutions to health issues, made the decision in 2021 to launch Healthtracka, a health platform that, in its own words, enables users to manage their health from home and offers direct access to laboratory tests with at-home sample collection for a variety of health conditions.

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson

6. Sethebe Manake: A real estate guru from Botswana named Sethebe Manake made the decision to incorporate technological advancements into her business practices. She is the creator of GoSmartValue, a website that provides real estate valuation services and helps users make educated judgments about real estate investment. Having been founded in 2008, the platform has withstood the test of time.

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