June 4, 2023

Can we know you?

My name is Peter Ebuka, Agbo. I’m a marketing specialist, social media marketer, affiliate marketer, marketing coach, and also recruitment consultant. I outsource for companies and individuals. I like relaxing, swimming, and playing games like monopoly and ludo once in a while when I’m less busy. I also like seeing movies. 

I’m passionate about helping people discover their respective career paths. This is why I try as much to come out to share opportunities with people. When accepting gigs I also look out for how the job can add value to a great number of people. 

I have worked as a social media strategist &  Event Promoting Specialist at Nobellum in Canada, Marketing Communications Manager at Wrightway Education Inc in Canada. Some of the other organizations I have worked for are; Worka, shopenzer group, Utiva, Expertnaire, Africa Energy council, FCMB, First bank and some others organizations 

Tell us about Hire-Rite services?

Hire Rite services is a brand I founded. Hire Rite service handles recruitment services for individuals and clients. We also have other things that we do like; cv writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn optimization for job seekers. We work with both employers and employees. For the employees, we help them with the marketing tools they use in applying for jobs, we also get them ready for jobs. For the employers, we outsource for them and help them in getting the right talents they need for a job. Hire Rite service is about helping employees and also working with employers.

As a marketing strategist, how do you view Nigeria Market?

I realise a lot of businesses are actually there, they are all centered on making money but most of these business owners forget to look out for a particular thing they can offer to attract people and use it as a way to add value to people. Business owners should look into how they can add value to their clients and also look into various opportunities they can create. This will make a lot of people reach out to them. 

Business owners should focus more on what to offer to the people rather than just focusing on getting money. They should focus on ensuring that their customers get value for what they paid for.

What has inspired you this far in your career? 

I’m still growing, but I can say what has brought me to the level I find myself today is getting to know what I want and implementing it rightly. Also, consistency is something I think will get anybody far in whatever they do. 

I’ll say having clarity about what you want, being consistent and doing the right thing will bring about long term success. Most people just  think about short term when they do certain things but thinking about short term only limits one to certain opportunities but thinking about long term opens door to various opportunities.

As a hiring manager, what advice do you have for job seekers? 

Job seekers are actually very quick in applying for jobs and they often fail to read instructions most times. I think most job seekers are frustrated in a way because of the situation of things in the country. So when they see adverts they just apply for these jobs without taking out time to read instructions and making sure they are actually applying for the right job 

I feel job seekers should look for ways to learn digital skills that align with what they do. This can help them attain some levels of financial freedom while hoping for the best. 

Job seekers should take out time to go through adverts before applying for jobs and before applying they need to ensure that certain things are done like; making sure they are best fit for the job, making sure marketing tools are up to date. These marketing materials are their cv, cover letter, LinkedIn page, cover letter.

This is because these things speak for them in their absence so these things must be rightly put in place.

They also need to get themselves ready and prepare for interviews so that they can do very well and be able to pitch themselves or their ideas when the opportunity comes. They also need to stay consistent with applying for jobs and not relent or give up. 

If every job seeker can put these things in place they will be able to get their desired job. 

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