February 8, 2023
Drink wisely, live healthy

In recent times, research has shown that Carbonated drinks which we refer to as “soft drinks”are usually what we run to as human beings whenever we are thirsty, hungry or in search of sweet liquids to consume.

Research has it that too many intake of Carbonated drinks and Soda is very harmful to our body system and many people are unaware of the dangers caused by these “refreshment drinks” to our body organs.

After so many research, it has been revealed that Carbonated drinks contains high amount of sugar such as chemicals and gas, which in return becomes a threat to our health and general well being.

It’s of great importance for everyone to be conscious of the negative effect that comes with the excessive intake of Carbonated drinks and stop seeing it as a way or an act of enjoying themselves.

This will help you stay off from these harmful drinks and minimize all excessive consumptions, as the saying goes “excess of everything is bad “

Furthermore, this article will help unveil the dangers we expose our body to with the excessive intake of Carbonated drinks.


The caffeine diluted in Carbonated drinks hinders good, proper and healthy sleep. It is so because it provides your body with adrenaline that keeps you awake all night.


Taking too many sugar contents can cause Obesity, diabetes and high blood sugar and it hinders you from taking healthy meals or fruits that are of great benefits to the body and this is because there is an excess intake of unhealthy sugar by the body.


The greatest enemy for your mouth is sugar because it stores in the tooth and gradually damages them unknown to you due to the consistent intake of Carbonated drinks and it end up changing the colour of your teeth, then you begin to wonder why all the toothpaste and mouthwash you have used but the colour still remain the same. The fact is, your mouth contains bacteria that feeds on sugar and in that way, tooth decay develop so why not reduce your excess intake of sweet liquids.


Regular consumers of Carbonated drinks end up having kidney stones and this is as a result of stored mineral derived from the excess sugar in the body and dehydration.


Too many intake of of Carbonated drinks destruct your diet and reduces your intake of protein, oil, carbohydrates and vitamins because it fills your stomach and reduces your appetite for good and healthy food. In order words, it makes you consume fewer fruits which are of huge benefit to your body.


Excess of Carbonated drinks is a way of storing fat in your body because it contains high level of sugar which add calories to your body and can trigger an increase in Obesity and one been overweight.

Dr. Danoff once said “The Phosphoric acid in Carbonated Soda can interfere with calcium absorption and weaken the teeth. The acid strips teeth enamel, leaving them brittle and sensitive to pain, once enamel breaks down, bacteria can invade and cause decay.

In addition, according to the Lagos State High Court Judge, Justice Adedayo Oyebanji said “having NAFDAC approved numbers does not actually mean the products are 100% safe for human consumption “. Nigerian’s have suffered so many unexplained ailments as they keep consuming poisonous drinks in the name of Soda or soft drinks as they will call it.

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